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Hey, guys! Here I am again, but this time to talk about trends in technology.

Last week, I was at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), an event that happens every year in the city of Las Vegas and presents the main trends of new technologies and their various possibilities of application.

And you know how excited I am about technology, right? But I will not keep that knowledge only to myself since this has nothing to do with collaboration. So, check out the trends that caught my attention below. In fact, they had already called because they are already in the business I chose to accelerate.

Human Mobility

You’ve probably already seen some video on your timeline of robots that are practically doing Crossfit. Well, at the CES, a large automaker announced how they are exploring the various possibilities of advanced robotics to improve the mobility of human beings in partnership with an innovative company in the field of robotics. It’s what they are calling “wearable robots“, equipment which, when worn by the user, has the purpose of facilitating daily activities. And who does that remind you of? Yes, Exy, the accelerated startup that we announced this week.

Sensational, isn’t it? But it doesn’t stop there!

Machine Learning

A second trend that was presented at the Show is autonomous vehicles. And we are not talking about any vehicle, but tractors that may soon be operating in our fields, here in Brazil.

A large manufacturer of agricultural machinery and vehicles has demonstrated how it makes use of cameras and image recognition to enable the tractor to understand the environment around it and this serves as input for decision making. The application of machine learning in images collected by cameras contributes to decision making, which is challenging, after all, imagine the variety of images that can be collected in a field, in a completely changing scenario. Add obstacles such as color variation, absence of solid color background, brightness and so many other factors that are the same that we are facing with the Pix Force proof of concept.

This startup was selected to solve the raw material inspection through computer vision. Assuming that the algorithm developed by PIX can identify everything that the human eye is able to see, we are placing high-definition cameras to identify potential risks and improve the quality control of raw materials. And what does that have to do with the case I mentioned? Everything! In addition to applying the same technological principles, we are facing similar challenges such as the absence of geometric patterns, color diversity and image complexity. The important thing is that challenges are our fuel to innovate!

Internet of Things

And finally, you’re probably waiting for me to make a connection to Hedro, aren’t you? I don’t even need to say that when it comes to the IoT there is no shortage of news, so I’ll focus on telling you what a leader in the electronics segment stated at the CES applications of the concept in people’s homes, emphasizing the ease of use. Just like Hedro, the accelerated startup announced in December, which managed to bring these concepts to its sensors in the IIoT environment in a simple manner, making technological adoption easier, without you having to be an IIoT expert to install or interpret the data being collected.

Whether in our daily lives or in industrial environments, technology is already a reality and will be increasingly present to help us and make our lives easier. Around here, I’m tuned in to everything that’s happening in the world to enable and make my purpose happen: to develop and foster Innovation and Sustainable Development, via the connection between STARTUP entrepreneurs and TUPY. Thus, I can strengthen the innovation ecosystem and generate a positive impact in the territories where STARTUPs and TUPY operate through new business opportunities and knowledge generation.

Want to stay on top of the trends? Keep following along here.

See you soon =)