Frequently asked questions

How do I join the program?

The first step is to sign up through our website. There will be a selection process to define the startups that will be part of Batch #2.

How long does the acceleration program take?

On average, 7 months. However, here we also reinforce that our commitment is not in terms of time, but with the result. We have flexibility to align the scope during the pre-acceleration phase.

Who can participate?

Companies legally constituted and active, with at least 2 dedicated members and annual gross revenue of up to R$16 million. The company must have at least one MVP.

How many companies will be part of the program?

We don't have a closed number of spaces. In Batch #1, we had 4 accelerated startups and for Batch #2 we are working with the prospect of maintaining the average of 3 to 6 businesses, depending on the degree of complexity of the challenge. Our commitment is not with the number, but with the guarantee that the selected ones receive all the inputs that will allow them to reach the next level.

I have more than one startup. Can I sign them all up?

Yes, as long as each one has its own legal structure.

What criteria will be evaluated in the selection process?

Startups that do not fit the profiles described on our website and notice (Tupy Synergy; Sustainable Development; Digital and Industry 4.0; Innovative Business Models) will not be considered. It will also be a criterion for elimination of non-compliance with the requirements for taking part (legally constituted, active, with at least 2 dedicated members, revenue of up to 16m BRL and having at least one MVP). From there, we will select the startups with the greatest development potential considering the application of ShiftT's competencies and the tools of the acceleration program. The following will be taken into account: relevance of the challenge that the startup proposes to solve; the team that is behind the solution; the technical and economic feasibility of what is being proposed and the socio-environmental impact of the business.

How soon do I get a response?

Within 1 month after the end of the registrations you will receive a response with approval for the next step or the reasons why it was not possible to proceed, always aiming to strengthen the startups for their next challenges.

Do I need to be from Brazil to take part?

No. The program is open to startups from any state or country.

If approved, do I need to move to Joinville/SC?

No. Part of the Acceleration Program will be better enjoyed in person, but that does not require a move. Tupy has manufacturing sites in Joinville/SC, Mauá/SP and Betim/MG (Brazil), Saltillo and Ramos Arizpe (Mexico) and Aveiro (Portugal), and offices in Germany, Brazil, the US, the Netherlands and Italy.

Will the costs and expenses my startup has during the acceleration program be covered by ShiftT or Tupy?

Such costs will be the responsibility of the startup, but will be part of the remuneration aligned between the Startup and Tupy/ShiftT for the purpose of executing the scope defined for the acceleration program.

How will my startup be paid?

A service agreement will be signed between the selected startups and Tupy/ShiftT.

What amount will my startup receive?

The amount to be paid will be defined jointly by both parties during the pre-acceleration stage and based on the working scope and negotiation between Tupy and the startup. We reinforce our commitment to integrity and the guarantee that we will only continue from this stage if there is agreement and alignment of payment amount and scope between both parties.

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